About Us


Elevated started a long time ago with 3 young men from Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho, growing up in the great country of America.

These young men learned at an early age what hard work was from sacrificing fathers and families, and learned to have respect for others, and for the rights we have been given by those that came before us in this great nation.

They were also raised to use and understand firearms, at a time where a gun was a basic staple in every household, and were given a deep respect for their purpose in both protecting our families and freedoms, as well as allowing us to enjoy various shooting sports and hobbies.


Fast forward to today, where these 3 men have crossed paths and brought together their love and passion for quality firearms in the creation of Elevated Gunworks. 

Elevated, because we believe in setting our standards high, and because we always take the high ground when possible. 

Welcome to the premier provider of high performing, high quality firearms and gear!