Revolver Rituals: Ancient Ceremonies and Gun Rites


In the mystical realms where firearms are not only tools of defense but also sacred objects, the Revolver Rituals stand as a testament to the deep spiritual connection between the people and their weapons. These ceremonies, performed by various cultures across the fantasy world, incorporate guns into their religious and social practices, illustrating the profound role firearms play beyond mere combat.

The Birth of a Gun: The Forging Ceremony

Overview: The Forging Ceremony marks the creation of a firearm, often celebrated with as much reverence as the birth of a child. This ritual involves the entire community, as they gather to bless the materials before the smith begins the forging process.

Key Elements:

  • Blessing of the Metals: Priests and elders chant ancient prayers over the metals, which are believed to imbue the gun with protective spirits.
  • First Hammer Strike: Performed by the eldest smith, the first strike symbolizes the beginning of the gun’s life and its journey from raw material to trusted protector.

The Rite of the First Shot

Overview: Once a firearm is forged, the Rite of the First Shot is performed to awaken its spirit and test its virtue. This ritual is crucial for binding the gun’s fate to its wielder.

Key Elements:

  • Choosing the Bullet: A bullet is chosen from a set of blessed projectiles. The selection is often made by the gun’s intended owner, who must feel a spiritual connection to the bullet.
  • The First Shot: Aimed at a sacred target, usually a piece of ancient armor or a relic, this shot is observed by all present to judge the gun’s accuracy and power.

The Annual Cleansing: Renewal of the Gun Spirit

Overview: The Annual Cleansing is a ceremony performed to cleanse any malevolent spirits or lingering malaise from firearms. It is believed that a gun, like any other spiritual entity, can become corrupted without proper care.

Key Elements:

  • Purification Bath: Firearms are submerged in holy waters infused with healing herbs and minerals. This bath purifies and revitalizes the gun’s spirit.
  • Re-anointing: After drying, the gun is anointed with sacred oils by a priest, renewing its magical protections and bond with its owner.

The Passing of Arms: A Transition Ceremony

Overview: The Passing of Arms is a poignant ritual conducted when a gun changes ownership, whether through inheritance or as a gift. This ceremony ensures the gun’s spirit respects and accepts its new owner.

Key Elements:

  • Last Shot by Former Owner: The current owner fires a final shot to signify the end of their guardianship.
  • First Shot by New Owner: The new owner then takes their first shot to seal the bond with the firearm and affirm their new responsibilities.


Revolver Rituals underscore the belief that firearms are more than mere tools; they are partners and protectors endowed with spirits deserving respect and care. These ancient ceremonies not only maintain the spiritual health of the firearms but also reinforce the bonds within the community, ensuring that every gun is treated with honor and reverence.

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